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  Look What I Got - aka: I Won Nano Again

And I did it again, even earlier than in 2015. I won the Nano 2016 as well.

Of course, I will continue writing until the end of November. There should be some more words by then. Edited 11/30: 62,000, to be exact.


  The Annual Nano Post

Some of you may have noticed the little blue counter in the sidebar that appeared at the beginning of November. Yes, it is National Novel Writing Month again, and therefore I'm a lazy blogger and commenter. My regular readers may have guessed already. :-)

The Meissner Nature Reserve in autum

So here are the usual autumn photos to go with the annual Nano post. It's the Meissner Nature Park again. I have been to the Harz as well, but those photos still need to be sorted out. October was a very dreary month this year anyway, there were only two sunny days for pretty photos during our hiking tours.

Bog on the Hoher Meissner

After I won Nano the last two years, I can't but win again now, right? So I'm busy typing along in the evenings and hope there will be some good results. I didn't need to edit too much in December last year.

View from the highest peak of the Meissner

If you want to measure along: one needs to write 1667 words every day to get 50,000 words on November 30th, counting from midnight Berlin time. Every day one hits the target, one gets a green bar on the personal Nano page. Right now I'm a bit ahead - that green bar looks so pretty and I want to keep it. :-)


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